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Analyze Bible dates, years and numbers     

– What are the prime factors of 276? List the spiritual meaning of each number.
– How many years from 4990 BC to 2011? [=7000]
– What weekday was 4-1-33 AD? [Fri]
– How many days between then and May 21, 2011? [=722,500]
– Using the list of Biblical events, show all possible timelines that can be formed around 7 BC.
– Are any events separated by multiples of 430 years?
– What month / day / year / weekday was 1,000,000 days ago?
– Is there anything special about 7-24-2009? Show all interesting dayspans around it.

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"So teach us to number our days, that we may apply our hearts unto wisdom."    
Psalm 90:12