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About Bible Calculator / Help / Contact

what is it ?

The Bible Calculator is a computer tool for researching numbers and time intervals found in God's Word, the Bible.


what does it do ?

Take a look at its major components:


how do I start it ?

Click "Bible-calculator" in the menu above, or click "Use It Now"   ( the orange button )  on the homepage.

This will open the Bible-calculator in your browser. 

Don't see it?  You may need to Enable Java or Get Java on your computer. 

"Java" is merely the name of a programming language.  Your computer may already have it. 

To enable Java:  In your web browser, go to the menu at top--

     Tools  >  Internet Options  >  click the  "Advanced" tab  >  scroll to "Java", and check the box to enable it.

Don't see "Java" listed here?  Then you merely need to download and install the JRE (Java Runtime Environment) from the Java site.  It is free, safe, quick, and easy.  Once there, it will even show you If your computer has Java before doing anything.  The Java language and Java website are respected and trusted in the programming world-- there is no cost or risk involved.

After getting Java, you may need to restart your computer and enable Java as described above.  Since the Bible-calculator is written in the Java language, your computer will need Java to use it, or even see it.

...Is the Bible-calculator blocked on your computer?  New security rules for Java applets may block the Bible-calculator-- try this Easy fix.


what happens when I start it ?

There is basically no difference from opening any other webpage.

A computer program called a Java Applet opens inside a regular webpage (an "applet" is a small has nothing to do with apples or Apple Computers). 

You have probably already used Java applets online without knowing it.  They lend greater computing power to the web experience.  The mathematical operations within the Bible-calculator call for greater complexity in their execution than other non-Java web solutions.


why was it made ?

The Bible-calculator is a computer tool for researching numbers and time intervals found in God's word, the Bible.

Every word in the Bible (the original Hebrew and Greek) is true and accurate.  There are no mistakes.  Nothing in it is by man's design or by blind chance. 

An integral part of what God has included in His Word are numbers and years. 

1.  Numbers:  Numbers bear special significance given them by repeated usage in similar contexts.  The number 17, for instance, appears frequently in regards to heaven.   Multiples of a number may also serve to bring an enhancement to, or an intensification of, the stressed meaning.  The 153 fish caught in John 21 equals 17 x 9, or 17 x 3 x 3 (the number 3 stressing God's purpose).   Fish are often used to represent those God draws into His kingdom, so the 153 fish would represent those whom God wills to be drawn into heaven.  

Numbers may thus contain added meaning, understandable once they are broken down into:

a.  Prime numbers (numbers that are not divisible by anything).  Some examples:  2, 3, 5, 7, 11, 13, 17, 23, 37, 43

b.  Numbers that, while not "prime", appear frequently in Scripture.  For example:  4, 6, 10, 12, 40, 100, 1000.

Here is an informally compiled list of numbers pointed to by Bible content:

    2 - Keepers of Gospel (Israel, churches, true believers);
        Doubling-up (certainty)
    3 - God's purpose
    4 - To the farthest extent (in time, distance, or scope)
    5 - The atonement (entails both judgment and salvation)
    6 - Work (spiritually, towards salvation or righteousness)
    7 - The perfect fulfillment of God's purpose
    9 - God's purpose (3) with extra emphasis (3 x 3 = 9)
   10 - The completeness of what is in view (10, 100, 1000)
   11 - The first coming of Christ (11,000 years after creation)
   12 - The fullness of whatever is in view
   13 - End of world (begun exactly 13,000 years after creation)
   17 - Heaven, People going to Heaven
   23 - God's wrath or judgment; Tribulation
   37 - God's wrath or judgment
   40 - Testing, trial
   43 - God's wrath or judgment
   84 - Tribulation; Hours in 1/2 week
  100 - The completeness of what is in view (10, 100, 1000)
  144 - Hours in six days; Twelve dozen
  153 - # of days hell on earth; # of fish caught in net (John 21)
  168 - Hours in one week
  276 - Paul's shipwreck: # of passengers, survivors (Acts 27)
  365 - Avg. days per year
  666 - # of the beast;  2/3 of 1000, thus 2/3 of any whole
 1000 - The completeness of what is in view (10, 100, 1000)

There are some who have tried to apply more mystical systems of "numerology", such as assigning numerical values to letters, etc.  They are in danger of violating the strict warning God gives in Revelation 22:18+19, to add no words to the Bible.  One must not be so hungry for secret messages from God that one invents a methodology of Bible study that varies from the one God puts forth:   Compare spiritual things with spiritual things (compare verses with other verses).

2.  Years:  God has included enough information in the Bible to piece together a timeline of earth history from creation onward, with many Bible events assignable to precise years:

     Creation:  11013 BC...    Noah's flood:  4990 BC...   the Exodus from Egypt:  1447 BC...   etc.


what about the name ?

The site's name was chosen to be easily remembered and passed along.  It would be presumptuous to proclaim it as the ultimate "bible calculator" or the ultimate anything.

It is a collection of functions deemed useful to the Bible student in Time-research, Calendar-understanding, Fact-checking, etc.  This tool cannot produce any wisdom.   No machine can "squeeze" the Bible like an orange.  God will reveal truth and cause believers to understand whatever He wants, whenever He wills. 

This computer program is merely a tool in the hands of the student, like a concordance, pen, or paper.  It simply does more quickly and efficiently what could be done by hand anyway.


where do these dates and years come from ?

Some time circa 1960 a Bible teacher named Harold Camping pieced together the timeline of Earth's history, using information and clues contained in the Bible.  The date of Creation was found to be 11013 BC, the Great Flood in 4990 BC, the Exodus from Egypt in 1447 BC, etc. 

In the years before his death in 2013, Mr. Camping was busy researching everything the Bible has to say on the End Times.  The mostly-ignored books of Isaiah, Jeremiah, and Ezekiel spoke of God's plans to conclude Israel (His chosen poeple) in unbelief and cast them off for their treachery. 

These chapters also speak in our day of the churches of the world who, in similar fashion, have strayed from the Bible and emphasized salvation by the works of their own hands.   This rejection of the redemptive work of Christ, who alone can save men from destruction for their sins, brought God's judgment on the earthly institution of the churches, starting in 1988, in a second fulfillment of these ignored, dust-covered prophesies ...whose predictions for the end of the church are echoed throughout virtually every other book of the Bible.


can I report problems or offer suggestions ?

Suggestions are welcome--  emails might specify among categories like:

      Dates--missing or mistaken; Calculation errors; Appearance; Layout; Convenience; Things to add.

     Also:  I can't get it to work; How do I use it; Calendar confusion; Misc;  etc....


who or what is behind this site ?

john_barb_sm4.jpg (10673 bytes)The Bible-calculator and this site are the work of individuals.  It is entirely free to all users.  John O'Leary has a BA in computer science from the University of Iowa, which included a heavy emphasis in math.  In 2005 he married Barb, who has assisted with usability testing and project aesthetics.

They are retired and live in southeast Pennsylvania, and have visited the fellowships in Alameda and Philadelphia (eBibleFellowship), where you may have met them.  May God bless us all with His mercy and may our faith endure to the coming end.

Luke 18:8(b)  Nevertheless when the Son of man cometh, shall he find faith on the earth?