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S t u d i e s

Chart:  Time-Chart 3  by J. O'Leary

Paper:  Ancient Pattern Supports Camping's Timeline  by J. O'Leary

List:  Events in the Biblical Timeline of History  based on H. Camping's work

Paper:  The Fullness of Leap Time in 4990 BC; Again in 2020 AD?  by J. O'Leary

Book:  Creation, the Flood, and Our Modern Calendar    by J. O'Leary

Preface:  The Flood Riddle 
Introduction:  New Timelines From a Surprising Source

 1.  Seeking an Actual Date for the Flood
 2.  Seeking an Actual Date for Creation
 3.  Further Validation of Gregorian Dating
 4.  Strikingly Similar Ideas of  H. Camping
 5.  Lunar Motion and Data:  An Illustrated Primer
 6.  Assigning Dates to All Flood Events
 7.  Flood Questions
 8.  The Number 22
 9.  "The Days of Noah":  A Time-Clue?
10.  A Possible Date for the Revelation of John
11.  The Odd Timing of Various Latter-Day Disasters

Appendix I.     Key Dates and their Anniversaries
Appendix II.    Significance (or Insignificance) of Results
Appendix III.   "No Year Zero"  and Timespan Calculations 
Appendix IV.  Year Types
Appendix V.   Five Lunar Months?   Further Doubt
Appendix VI.   Retracing 1994--  H. Camping's Starting Point
Appendix VII.   One Date's Passage Through the Time Zones
Appendix VIII.   Timeline Chart:  Summary of Findings
Appendix IX.   One New Moon; Two Competing Dates?
Appendix X.   Tying 10-07-2015 to Israel with Secular Historical Dates 
Appendix XI.   Dayspans connecting Israel with 10-07-2015

U s i n g   t h e   B i b l e - c a l c u l a t o r

Key Dates and Their Anniversaries
Specify a date of interest, and the new Key-Dates tool (lower right on the Bible-calculator) cycles through a table of significant dates (and their anniversaries in key years), generating a list of dayspans whose daycount-factors match the criteria selected:  be it one- or two-digit primes; key Biblical numbers (153, 276, etc); or a user-provided number.  Genesis Flood "dates" are included.

Guidelines for Research
Sample date calculations.

Miscellaneous Results of Interest