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Appendix VII.     One Date's Passage Through the Time Zones

From birth to death, a date exists for 48 hours

The Sun (yellow dot) represents noon.  Watch the Earth as it moves left-to-right under the sun's light.  The left & right edges represent perpetual midnight-- the location opposite the Sun.

These two midnight-edges meet eact other:  Imagine wrapping this "rectangular Earth" around a paint can-- Left & right edges would meet at one "seam" in the back.

      3 Hours, 30 Min  /  48 Hours
21st Was born when international date line (21|20) crossed Midnight line.  A few other time zones have now followed it into the new day.  Earth moves L-to-R
      10 Hours, 40 Min  /  48 Hours
Nearing mid-day at int'l date line:  10:40 AM Monday at the "21"; 11:40 AM Sunday at the "20".
      19 Hours, 20 Min  /  48 Hours
The calendar has changed to the 21st in almost all time zones.  For those at the "21", the sun has set on their day and it is 7:30 PM on the evening of the 21st.
      24 Hours, 00 Min  /  48 Hours
24 Hours into its existence, all time zones have "rung in" the 21st.  Yet due to possible Daylight savings time in areas near the int'l date line, the world may not all share the 21st.
      31 Hours, 20 Min  /  48 Hours
It is now early morning of the 22nd in areas between India and the int'l date line (green area).  From Alaska to Greenland it is daylight on the 21st; in Europe and Africa it is evening on the 21st.
      39 Hours, 10 Min  /  48 Hours
The earth (and the date line) continue moving L-R. As regions cross over midnight, their time zones trade in the old date (21) for the new date (22).
      44 Hours, 25 Min  /  48 Hours
Having lasted far beyond the 24 hours one might have expected, our sample date of the 21st has nearly completed its 48-hour lifespan.

   As seen from behind the Earth   ...The same example shown above

    The Sun (yellow dot, L&R edges) represents noon.  Watch the Earth as it moves left-to-right under the midnight-line (the vertical edge at center).

The new day (yellow zone) is "pulled" over the earth by the international date line (21|20), as the earth moves left-to-right, over a period of 24 hours.

When the date line returns to midnight, it will begin the next 24 hours covering the earth with the next new day (green zone).

Eventually, the 21st will complete its 48-hour lifespan.  A lifespan explained thusly:

It took 24 hours for the 21st to reach the last time zone from the first; and once that happened, that last time zone got to spend its own 24-hour term being known as the 21st.

John O'Leary / Bible-calculator