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New graphics, posted 5-19-2011



'May 21' Signs You Can Make

Although no actual signs are provided by this website, this author has been pleased with the fast, quality service of

Need a sign for your  car,  neighborhood,  etc?    Try these

One way to spread the warning of May 21, 2011 (Judgment Day) is through signs-- On billboards, cars, posters, etc.  Yet publicly-visible signs require a brevity of words.  Designs must be simple to the eye.  There is not enough space, not enough time, to teach or persuade.

This set of sign-ideas is designed purely to:

  1.   Stir curiosity to know more, online
  2.   Plant a website in the viewer's head

Each sign sends people directly to one specific Judgment-Day tract at or, two faithful ministries God is now using to open the Scriptures to millions, via radio & internet.

Bypassing the usual trip through the homepage, visitors are guaranteed not to become lost, distracted, unsure where to go, or frustrated into leaving.

Forwarding domains

The web addresses appearing on these signs are merely new domain names that have been secured and set to auto-navigate straight to such a tract.

These addresses do not lead to a third-party website.

    Visitors will not... be taken to a home-made list of tracts to click on.

    Visitors will not... see merely a copycat version of a tract, somewhere else.

    Visitors will not... be exposed to freelance teaching or outside content of any kind.

    Visitors will not... see a "transition page" or experience any delay.

The addresses on the signs below are merely forwarding-domains, each set to bounce all its traffic instantly to a specific tract at the FR or eBF website.

Signs to copy, make, or borrow from--  And where they point on the web

1.    →  Judgment Day!  tract.

A website name like is super-easy to slip into conversations:
"2011 is  7000 years  since the Flood...
...the Bible hints that will be the end...
...go to"

Click images for larger version

>'sponsored-by' version>

Stretched tall, to appear normal height, on front hood of car

2.    →  Judgment Day  tract.

3.    →  Judgment Day!  tract.

Generally, the dot-com ending is to be preferred, and for many good reasons.  Here, the dot-info versions of  May21  and  21May  were selected over the dot-com versions in light of the large sum sought by owners of the dot-com versions.

Yet the dot-info extension is growing in popularity and recognition.  The very word "info" (information) is internationally recognizable-- appearing basically unchanged in some 30 languages throughout all of Europe; in greater Russia; in Haiti (Creole); and Indonesia-- plus the many distant regions exposed to French and Spanish.

Further, the May21 tracts do in fact deal with information --  and in this tightly-worded sign, the fragmentary ".info" becomes part of the message itself, implying some important knowledge about May 21.

4.    →  Judgment Day!  tract.

5.      →  Judgment Day  tract.

What could be simpler than a website that tells the whole story with its name....

By stacking both names on this sign, we also spell out the date (in white), as on a tear-off calendar.

Each half of this sign (top or bottom) works fine on its own as a bumper sticker, sign; or more ambitiously, as an airplane-streamer-- flown over college football games, cities, etc.

Regarding the statement "World ends May 21":  The actual "End of the World" will not occur on May 21, but 153 days later on October 21.  Yet this is a distinction without a difference, in that the world as people knew it will certainly cease; and the May date-- the deadline for any action-- deserves every emphasis in our warning.  In truth, "the End of the World" certainly begins on May 21.

6.    →  We Are Almost There, p.58, "The Final Five Months"

As of late August 2010, no available tract seems to mention the 153 days.

153 Days:  Predicting widespread notoriety 

On May 21, all the unsaved of the world will be left behind, to experience God's wrath for 153 days.  Stretching from May 21 - October 21, this is the "five months" of Revelation 9.

It may well be, that as the 153-day threat moves onto our short-range calendar, that a generalized fear of the end of the world  will be replaced by the specific fear of this 153 days.

The phrase "153 Days" may become a buzz-word in the media, work its way into conversations, find its name whispered after every dire happening of that day, and fill the hearts of many with dreadful anticipation of what an angry, limitless God can do during that time.

The domain  would be a useful tool for steering curious and desperate masses to their only source for reliable information:  the Bible.

7.    →  Home page.

8.    →  Home page.

9.      →  Home page.

Thee next three designs were inspired by an email from a visitor to this site:
"I would like to create a bumper sticker with a warning about 2011 that anyone of any language can understand.  Like '' with the words on fire; and then visitors to this website would be redirected to or, because those have links to the Gospel in other languages."
In response, here are three elongated signs, taking advantage of three new web-addresses, chosen to reach virtually anyone in any language.

As can be expected, "" was already taken... yet "" was readily available-- as well as two other, similar names, shown below.

John O'Leary /