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The Fullness of Leap Time in 4990 BC; Again in 2020 AD?

It is extremely curious that the Flood came 6023 years after Creation, because this 
marked the fourth time in the earth's history when the idealized year of 365 days 
(apparently the favored calendar of the ancients) gained a year over the vernal 
equinox year of 365.2424 days.

     earth age:  6023.0 v.e.years (@365.2424) = 2199855 days
                 6027.0 idealized (@365)      = 2199855 days

     leap time since Creation:  1460 days = 4 x 365

This alignment occurs at rare points about 1500 years apart, after enough leap time 
builds up to make a whole year.  Because you have to add ...

     1506 annual leap- get  365.0604 days, and

     3011 x 0.242404 days get  729.8784 days, and
                                     =2 years

     4517 x 0.242404 days get 1094.9388 days, and
                                     =3 years

     6023 x 0.242404 days get 1459.9993 days. 
                                     =4 years

The ancients tracked this interval and associated it with cataclysm.  It can be shown 
that they used the slowly wandering vernal equinox as a long-range countdown timer to 
possible destruction. 

It is not imagineable now that the 6023 years is a random amount-- the timeline's 
foundation stands affirmed.

February 23, 2020 AD

We are now poised at a comparably curious situation of perfect leap time accumulated 
in our day, having experienced our 1700th post-Flood leap day in 2016, and currently 
faced with a number of timelines and clues pointing to February 23, 2020-- which 
falls just six days before 02-29-2020, the 1701st leap day, when our perfect plateau 
of 1700 post-Flood leap days comes to an end.  

(This assumes a Jan or Feb Flood date.  If Flood date fell in Mar-Dec, then 
02-29-2020 will be our 1700th leap day.)  (Significant or not, the next day-- 
March 1, 2020--- is the 7000th day of the millennium).

To prove 1700 leap days over the past 7009 years, count the days total using an 
appropriate calendar tool:

     02-23-4990 BC to 02-23-2020 = 2559985

Every one of those 7009 years-- leap year or not-- has (at least) 365 days:

     7009 x 365 = 2558285

Subtract the total of the "365"s from the overall total-- and what is left over 
are the leap days the calendar added:

     2559985 - 2558285 = 1700

Timelines and clues for 02-23-2020:

1.  1600 x 2 days since May 21, 2011 (1600 doubled)

2.  1600 x 1600 days since 4990 BC (Febuary 10, the possible Flood 7-day warning)

3.  End of year (13032 years since 02-23-11013 BC, possible Day 7, 1st sabbath)

4.  End of day 02-23-2020 (local sunset in Jerusalem at 5:32 pm Jerusalem time)

5.  End of lunar month (astronomical new moon also at 5:32 pm Jerusalem time)

6.  Last week for post-Flood leap day #1700

(What happened to 365.2422?  Read Error in Statement of Tropical Year, by Simon Cassidy)
(...the difference does not change any of Mr. Camping's calculations in the least)
(Why 365.242404?  1.Based on a perfect 6023 years; 2.Web search shows most accurate value)

John O'Leary /