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February 23, 2019
   New addition to Learning page: 
  • Latest time-chart, Time Chart 3, summarizes all dayspans uncovered here, and those still in play.
  • Includes the controversial 02-23-2020, which plugs in directly with 05-21-2011, 10-07-2015, and the Flood of 4990 BC  This date also will see curiously-timed sun and moon events.
  • The chart's dayspans are all clickable, with the links going to a new Guide to Time Chart 3, demonstrating how each dayspan looks when generated by the Bible-calculator.  An explanation of the significance of each span is provided, or an internal link to an explanation, if already covered on this website.

October 26, 2018
   New "paper" added to Learning page: 
  • Ancient Pattern Supports Camping's Timeline.
  • Explains how ancient civilizations likely used their 365-day calendar to track the 1505.75-year solar leap cycle as it seems to have coincided with earthly disasters.
  • Lists examples of ancient trouble matching 1505.75-year pattern centered on the Flood of 4990 BC.
  • Includes new list of BC Biblical events as found in Harold Camping's books and used in the Bible-calculator.  (This list is also linked fom the Learning page).

August 5, 2018
   New "paper" added to Learning page: 

March 24, 2014
New webpage:  a self-help guide to restoring access to the Bible-calculator interface for those whose computers are lately blocking Java applets.  The page, Browser workaround, will steer users to install the Java Applet-viewer utility, and download key Bible-calculator files, empowering them to run the Bible-calculator program at-will, either online (with latest edition from, or offline (with an edition placed on their own machine).

October 7, 2013
New timelines-and-analysis, for study of October 7, 2015 as the possible Last Day.  These two pages have been added to my online book, Creation, the Flood, & Our Modern Calendar:

December 19, 2012
New version of Calculator uploaded (BibleMath_2013_02).  Changes:
  • 2015 Replaces 2012 as the upward limit of results returned when using the Timelines tool and the Key Dates tool.
  • 'October 7th' is added to the list of important [mm-dd] dates in the Key Dates tool.
  • Events lists tie 2015 with the possibility that [10-07-2015] may be the end of all things.  This date is 1600 days after May 21, 2011.
  • The previous version of the Bible-calculator is available at:
  • Report any malfunctions to: .

November 19, 2012
New version of Calculator uploaded (BibleMath_2012_02).  Changes:
  • The less-widely known feature, where users can pinpoint a missing date for a known [Dayspan] and [Start-or-End date] has been improved, to allow dates as far back as 01-01-11,114 BC and as far forward as 12-31-2113 AD.  (A century of padding has been added to both ends of the recent mechanical limits of 11,014 BC - 2013 AD.)  (Nothing special is implied about 11,113 or 2113.)

February 22, 2012
New version of Calculator uploaded (BibleMath_2012_00).  Changes:
  • Time operations on the right side of the screen can now provide answers for 2012 queries.
  • Catalog of Events modified to allow for time to exist into 2012.
  • The previous version of the Bible-calculator is available at:
  • Report any malfunctions to: .

February 18, 2012
Material added to Creation, the Flood, and Our Modern Calendar :
  • New graphical illustration:  Appendix IX.     One New Moon; Two Competing Dates?

    Diagrams the Earth, Moon and Sun to explain why occasionally, Jerusalem (or anyplace) may not be able to see the New Moon, until the date following its first sightings elsewhere on earth.

February 6, 2012
Material added to Creation, the Flood, and Our Modern Calendar :

February 2, 2012
Material added to Creation, the Flood, and Our Modern Calendar :

January 28, 2012
   New version of Calculator uploaded (BibleMath_2_0_03).  Changes:
  • Calculates the number of hours contained in any dayspan calculation. Look for it in the green "Divisors" section, atop the list of spiritual meanings.

November 11, 2011
   New version of Calculator uploaded (BibleMath_2_0_02).  Changes:
  • Determines if analyzed number is tetrahedral, plus how many levels high.
    (A tetrahedron is a four-faceted pyramid, with a triangular base.)
  • References to Oct 21, 2011 changed from "Projected end of world" to "Projected end of world".

June 9, 2011
New version of Calculator uploaded (BibleMath_2_0).  Changes:

June 3, 2011
   A new section was added to the Introduction:
Correction by Astronomers Bolsters Gregorian Accuracy .

December 28, 2010
The time-chart was made clickable:
  • Each dayspan in the time-chart now links to the appropriate chapter/paragraph in the book, "Creation, the Flood, and Our Modern Calendar".  Readers will no longer need to track down the information behind each dayspan.

September 28, 2010
Three new web-names, pointing to FamilyRadio and eBibleFellowship home-pages, have been added to the Signs page:   &rarr;     &rarr;     &rarr;

These forwarding-domains are understandable by practically anyone, in any language.

These admittedly vague site-names would best feature graphical, visual elements alluding to (worldwide) destruction, as do the sample signs shown on the Signs page.

Once at a ministry's home-page, visitors may select a language appropriate to them, to read about Judgment Day on May 21, 2011.

August 28, 2010
   New page added:  'May 21' Signs You Can Make 
  • A set of new, original signs, to deliver the Judgment Day message to the public.
  • Easy internet access to each tract:  New, easily-remembered web addresses forward all traffic instantly, seamlessly to an assigned tract at or
  • No actual signs are provided by this website-- just these patterns & ideas, for anyone to use-- on car placards, print ads, front yards, rubber stamps, billboards, bumper stickers, etc.  Check local copy centers, etc., for producing such materials.
  • Most effective where view-time is limited, or space for a regular sign / billboard is lacking.

July 25, 2010
   Material added to Creation, the Flood, and Our Modern Calendar :

April 15, 2010
New version of Calculator uploaded (BibleMath_1_5_w28).  Changes:
  • Historical events list:
    1. Add 1531 BC.
    2. Change Joseph's release from prison from 1896 BC to 1886 BC.
    Thanks go to our observant users.

April 1, 2010
The time-chart was modified:
  • Minor improvements in presentation of data.

March 9, 2010
New version of Calculator uploaded (BibleMath_1_5_w27).  Changes:

January 25, 2010
1.  A new chapter was added:  "No Year Zero" and Timespan Calculations.
Topics covered:
   &ndash; Why no "year zero"?
   &ndash; The mechanics of time measurement
   &ndash; Useful time formulas

2.  The chapters were re-ordered and grouped together logically.  Four chapters, which are somewhat closer in nature to reference material than to studies, were moved to the end of the book.  Together with the time-chart, they are now listed as Appendices I - V.

3.  The preface,  "History: What led to these studies",  has been replaced with one called  Preface:  The Flood Riddle.

December 25, 2009
Material was added to study No.3. Further Validation of Gregorian Dating.  Specifically, beginning here, at the bottom of the section, "1-1-7 BC"; followed by two new sections, "A role for December 25th?" and "Implications for the Nativity and the 'Star in the east' ".
December 6, 2009
The study, Ten Flood Dates, was renamed to Assigning Dates to All Flood Events, to avoid the impression that it offers ten possible dates for the flood.  Rather, it is assigning all flood events mentioned in Genesis to ten specific dates in -4990 and -4989.
December 1, 2009
New version of Calculator uploaded (BibleMath_1_5_v17).  Changes:
  • Two new buttons were added to the (yellow) Timelines section of the calculator:

        1.  Base-Zero Events

    Produces a Timeline report using [Year = 11013 BC;  Optional Span = 1].

    This generates a list of all registered events, using 11013 BC as Base-year Zero.  Thus all events are listed in their distance from the Creation year (11013 BC).

    Example:  The Flood = 6023 (even though technically, it was the 6024th year of Time).

    Also present is the association of the year 2011 (Destruction) with the number 13023, as expected.

        2.  Jubilees

    Produces a Timeline report using [Year = 7 BC;  Optional Span = 50].

    This creates a list in the upper window of all years that are evenly spaced by 50s around the Jubilee year 7 BC, to include the Jubilee of 1994 AD.  The lower window shows events intersecting with that pattern.

  • A new entry was added to the Events-list:

    -1530 Birth of Aaron; Start of Aaronic priesthood or generation (See Adam When, appendices iii, iv)
  • The Catalog of Events button was renamed Events, to create space for the new buttons.

November 30, 2009
A new page, History:  What Led to These Studies, was added to Creation, the Flood, and Our Modern Calendar.  Located before the Introduction, at the very start of this "book", it serves as a "cover letter"... providing anyone unfamiliar with this site a very brief look at the book, who wrote it, and why.
November 21, 2009
1.  After discovery of several parallel theories written by H. Camping in his book, "Adam When?", a new chapter called Strikingly Similar Ideas of H. Camping was added to this website's book Creation, the Flood, and Our Modern Calendar.  Situated after Chapter 3, this new study becomes Chapter 4.  Old chapters 4 - 14 are now chapters 5 - 15.

2.  The time-chart was modified:
  • An additional dayspan was included...
         [1-1-5110 BC = start of Flood-warning-year] &ndash; [2-17-4990 BC]  =  15^3 x 13
  • Day-of-week data was added to the list of events below the chart.
  • Several re-phrasings and cosmetic touch-ups were made.

3.  The table of contents on the Lunar Motion and Data page was better formatted by placement in a table.  Links to Moon-topics on other pages were added below this.

4.  A table of many numbers frequently pointed to by Bible content (and their corresponding significance) was added to the About-Help-Contact page.

5.  A new section, A perfect seven years between Gregorian and Christ?, was added at the bottom of the study, Further Validation of Gregorian Dating (Chapter 3).

6.  Certain blocks of text (data tables, math, etc.) on many of the site's pages, which were supposedly coded to display in formatted, mono-space font (uniform width-per-character), were displaying on many user's browsers as size-3, user-default font-style.

This resulted in bloated, non-aligned blocks of data, which were difficult to read/grasp/comprehend, and which failed to portray data in a convincing manner.

All such text is now explicitly coded to display in the "Courier New" font.

November 13, 2009
Two new graphics were added to the section, A new source for daycounts?, in the study Further Validation of Gregorian Dating.  These visuals will give the reader a better grasp of the new concept of benchmark dates, which dominate this study's discussion.
November 10, 2009
1.  Two new graphics were added to the section, 1472 Precessions of Moon's elliptical orbit, in the study Seeking an Actual Date for Creation.  These replaced the graphic borrowed from the preceding section on the Full Moon Cycle, which shows only the initial portion of a lunar orbit precession cycle.

2.  All pages in the site were modified to better display layout and fonts in Firefox browsers.
October 28, 2009
New version of Calculator uploaded (BibleMath_1_5_v16).  Changes:
  • In a previous version of the calculator, the birth date of Jesus was corrected in the "Catalog of Events" from Tue 10-4-7 BC to Sun 10-2-BC (BibleMath_1_5_v14, September 7, 2009).  This point was not announced at the time, due to an oversight.
  • An apparent error in the calculator's listing for the date of Jesus' baptism has been detected.  A recent review of both printed and digital versions of the book, Time Has an End, by Harold Camping, yielded the date 9-25-29 AD (see ch.9).  Mr. Camping's works have been key in populating the Bible-calculator's date-lists.
       Prior to now, the date 9-26-29 AD has appeared, both in the Catalog of Historical Events, and in the Key-Dates research tool.  Key-Date calculations up to this release have scanned for intervals involving this wrong date (9-26), and have failed to scan for intervals involving the correct date (9-25).
October 16, 2009
A new chapter,  13. The Odd Timing of Various Latter-Day Disasters, was appended to the book Creation, the Flood, and Our Modern Calendar .
October 8, 2009
A mini photo-tour of the Bible-calculator was added at the top of the About-Help-Contact page, visually answering the questions, "What is it?" and "What does it do?"

It will also serve as a hasty tutorial for beginners; experienced users will also benefit from the careful explanation of the differences among the three available Timeline-searches.
October 7, 2009
A new timeline chart was added to the book "Creation, the Flood, and Our Modern Calendar", listed on the Learning-page.  A direct link to this .gif file was also added to the site's homepage.

This time-chart from 11013 BC - 2011 AD displays the major timespans uncovered throughout the book, allowing a quick grasp of the main premise and its seeming plausibility.
September 30, 2009
New version of Calculator uploaded (BibleMath_1_5_v15).  Changes:
  • Fixed missing search year 1001 AD (Key Dates tool; Patriarch/Judge Years unchecked).  Added search year 1901 AD ("benchmark" year at start of 21st century AD) (Key Dates tool; Patriarch/Judge Years checked OR unchecked).
September 7, 2009
New version of Calculator uploaded (BibleMath_1_5_v14).  Changes:
  • New research tool:   "Key Dates" section added to lower right of the interface. (explanation)
        The old version of the calculator is still available at should the new version present any difficulties.
  • Online "book" of research studies "Creation, the Flood, and Our Modern Calendar" (by J. O'Leary), posted on Learning page.  Results of research using new Key Dates tool; lessons on calendars and astronomy; investigation of possible dates for the Flood, Creation, the Revelation of John, and more.
  • (Update:  the birth date of Jesus was corrected from Tue 10-4-7 BC to Sun 10-2-7 BC, in both the Catalog of Events, and the Key-Dates tool.)
February 12, 2009
New version of Calculator uploaded (BibleMath_1_4g_2).  Changes:
  • Events list item altered:  
       "-5110  120-Yr flood warning given"
    changed to:
       "-5110  Noah told to build ark 120 years before flood"
    After reviewing Genesis 6, there does not seem to be definite indication that God disclosed the length of his 120-year timetable to Noah.
    A few arguments for and against this notion are listed in the study, Flood Questions, found on this website.
  • Events list item added:  
       "-4989 Noah exits ark; God's promise in the rainbow"
January 23, 2009
New version of Calculator uploaded (BibleMath_1_4g).  Changes:
  • Year Diff:  A single letter [A-N] displays next to each of the two boxes with year values, to show the applicable year-type for each.  A button is added between the BC/AD buttons, displaying a chart of the 14 year-types A-N:  the seven possible non-leap years (determined by which weekday 1/1 falls on) and the seven possible leap-years.
  • Number Analysis:  Added numbers to Spiritual Significance set.  Though these numbers are not primes, they are meaningful, and unlike before, they are now detectable.
       84 > Tribulation; Hours in 1/2 week
      153 > # of days hell on earth; # of fish caught in net (John 21)
      168 > Hours in a week
      276 > Paul's shipwreck: # of passengers, survivors (Acts 27)
      365 > Avg. days per year
      666 > Number of the beast
  • Time Converter:  Default year-value changed to Gregorian average (365.2425) instead of Mean tropical (365.24218967).  This makes the Calculator more consistent in its strength:  measuring the full spectrum of BC/AD years in proleptic Gregorian time.
November 23, 2008
New version of Calculator uploaded (BibleMath_1_4b).  Changes:
  • Java Code:  intervalsCalculate( ) method altered [Anchor-year report w/ optional yearspan]:
           to prevent AD off-by-1 error when using anchor dates in BC and interval = 1
           to prevent BC off-by-1 error when using anchor dates in AD and interval = 1
           avoids failure to compute or stoppage with certain values
           avoids illegal years in list (i.e. 11014 BC, 2012 AD).
  • Number Analysis:  Shows if analyzed # is in the Fibonacci sequence.
October 8, 2008
New version of Calculator uploaded (BibleMath_1_4a).  Changes:
  • Historical dates:
           2011...changed "Probable rapture", "Probable end" to "Rapture", "End".
           95 AD added.
           1992 added.
September 28, 2008
"Updates" page (this page) was added to site.

New version of Calculator uploaded (BibleMath_1_4).  Changes:

September 3, 2008
New version of Calculator uploaded (BibleMathA3L).  Changes:
  • Determines if analyzed number is a perfect square, and shows square root.
  • Determines if analyzed number is triangular plus how many levels high.
  • Removed trailing " .0 " from dayspans results.
August 26, 2008
New version of Calculator uploaded (BibleMathA3K).  Changes: Weeks, months, years buttons only reset Number Significance textArea to green if it has red text (from Days button readout).
August 19, 2008
New version of Calculator uploaded (BibleMathA3J).  Changes:
  • Hourglass cursor appears when using any of the three timeline functions;
  • normal cursor reappears when done, or when try-block fails.

  • World History 2006 removed from events lists.
  • Added helper applet (VersionCheck) to calculator.html .  Itself compiled with Java 1.2 , it checks the version of Java on user's computer.  If 1.4 or higher, Bible-calculator opens.  If 1.3 0r lower, user is redirected automatically to redirect.html , which informs user of the problem and what to do.