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Browser workaround --  Works both online & offline

New security rules for Java applets may block Bible-calculator on your computer

Since January 2014, many web-browsers have been declining Java applets (such as the Bible-calculator program), unless the applet's owner purchases and attaches a digital "certificate", to guarantee the code's trustworthiness to the machine attempting to run it.  The dollar-cost to certify an applet is slightly prohibitive, and an annual renewal fee is also required.

As of March 2014, the Bible-calculator is trying one free alternative, known as a "self-signed certificate".  This fixes the problem for some computers, but not all.

Those who still cannot access the Bible-calculator on their computer... should try the solution offered below... Which, as a bonus, lets you run the Bible-calculator both online and  offline.

Step One:  download the free Java  Applet-viewer

The Java Applet-viewer  is downloaded with the JDK (the Java Development Kit).  Normally used by programmers, you can use it to run applets confidently, free from the warning messages now common to browsers.

In recent years, the custodianship of the Java programming language has changed hands, from Sun Microsystems, to a leading database company called Oracle.

1.  Go to the Oracle website:

2.  Download the right JDK for your operating system:

2. (continued)  Windows x86 or x64?

If you have a Windows operating system, there are two downloads to pick from-- Is your computer 32-bit or 64-bit?  It's easy to find out . . .

Windows x86 or x64?. . . One way to find out

This link will automatically analyze your computer and show the answer:

"x86" indicates 32-bit, and "x64" indicates 64-bit

. . . Another way to find out

1.  Press the Windows key (or click the Start button)
2.  Type the following in the Run box (or Search box):  cmd
3.  Click Go/Search or press Enter.  This opens a command window.
4.  In the command window, type:
        (note space after echo)
5.  Press the Enter key.  "x86" indicates 32-bit, and "x64" indicates 64-bit.

Update, April 15, 2014... Here is a tip from one user's feedback:
"I tried numerous time to download the 64 bit version because that is what my computer runs with.  But it didn't work . So I thought I would try the 32 bit versions( Windows x86 ) and it works just fine,  Also I installed the offline version.  Great, Thanks"

3.  Install the Java Development Kit on your computer.

Step Two:  Add Bible-calculator files to your computer

1.  Right-click on the above file-folder ... (technicaly, it's a zip-file).

2.  "Save target/link as"  to the folder named "bin", at the top level of your new JDK.

Can't find the "bin" folder? or the "jdk" folder?  The filepath may look like any of these:

Locating the "bin" file

C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.7.0_51\bin  (jdk number may vary)

C:\Program Files\jdk1.7.0_51\bin




3.  Locate "" on your computer.

Now, to access the six files it contains... And get them into the "bin" folder.

  • Open it...  (Try:  Double-click; or Right-click+Open; or Right-click+Unzip/Extract-to
  • Copy the six files you see . . .
  • Paste them into the bin folder.  (Or try:  Click+Drag-drop)

Trouble with the .zip file-folder?

If you have trouble downloading, opening, or unzipping the .zip-file:  Have you tried right-clicking on it, to see the options that appear?  If not, then forget about steps 1, 2, & 3 above;  You will simply obtain these six files one-at-a-time.  Here are the six individual files contained within the .zip file-folder--

1.  Simply right-click on them (one at a time)...

2.  "Save target/link as" into the "bin" folder at the top-level of your new JDK.

Step Three:  Run the Bible-calculator with your new Java  Applet-viewer.

Go to your  bin  folder. . .

To use ONLINE:  Open the file "biblecalculator_online.bat"

That's all you need to do.  (click Maximize button to fit your screen)
Interesting fact --  this ONLINE approach involves:

[latest applet code stored online*] + [Applet-viewer on your computer]
*Internet connection required

To use OFFLINE:  Open the file "biblecalculator_offline.bat"

That's all you need to do.  (click Maximize button to fit your screen)
Interesting fact --  this OFFLINE approach involves:

[applet code stored on your computer*] + [Applet-viewer on your computer]
*No internet connection required;  but latest updates not ensured.  Still, updates may be many months apart.

For the freshest version, simply copy the two .class files above, from, into your bin folder again-- be sure they overwrite the previous version you started with-- the names will be the same... they just have potentially updated contents.

You can create shortcuts to either or both of these .bat (batch) files to place on your desktop (or anywhere).  They will be the same as shortcuts to the Bible-calculator itself.

John O'Leary / Bible-calculator